Kitchen Part 2 – The Birth Of Eve!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I tend to give most things in my life a name.  My car is called Esther, my house plants, Doris and Dulcie, my cat Pumpkin!

Like most of my choices,  I knew my kitchen had to have a name and that the name would come to me at the appropriate time.

So, now I had a perfectly white box, for my living room.  My kitchen had newly gibbed, plastered and painted walls.  I was kitchen installation ready.

Enter Ali, Rob and Tom the installation team from Trends on one of the coldest days of the year, with my kitchen in bits.



The jigsaw consisted of over 30 pieces of kitchen and I really didn’t think it would fit.


But, it began to take shape at an alarming pace – no mucking about with this team.



Such a precise process. From measuring the kick plates to binding two cupboards together so any obvious joins were seamless.


Because my kitchen is viewed from the front door to the living room, Andrea suggested we place every handle in the centre of the cupboards giving a contemporary, linear and clean look to the kitchen. Beautiful.

It was during the installation, as more tears streamed down my face, I realised a new chapter of my life was being born and the name Eve popped into my head.

So very apt and here she is, the new member of my family.


I want to thank Andrea and Dean from Trends for their expertise, great sense of humour and generosity.


Scott, Aidan and Tim from Kitchen Things for my spectacularly sexy Smeg appliances, especially Squire my Fridge!