Is too much gin a sin?

February 25th, 2021

GinGin : 4 New Regent Street Christchurch Luke Dawkins is a man who sucks the juice out of life and lives every inch of his aesthetic, quirky personality and infectious nature.  We met about 2 years ago when I walked into GinGin Victoria Street; him on one side of the bar and me the other;…

Good in the ‘Hood : The Permit Room

October 23rd, 2019

The Permit Room 779 Colombo Street Lunch Menu : $5 – 20 Dinner Menu : $10 – $36 “Welcome to the days of East – Indian prohibition. As a visitor, inside these four walls, the laws against extravagance don’t apply.  The Permit Room has attained a license from the authorities in your name.  Tonight you…

Odd Shoes? Who me?

April 29th, 2019

Odd Shoes! Who Me? - Jax Hamilton Cooks

People always seem to want to give me shoe advice: “hey you’re wearing odd shoes”…. … actually, no I’m not.  I wear the shoes that make me happy and, I have lots of pairs… so.. I just wear what I like, depending on the weather, mood, outfit or scarf holding back my dreads. It doesn’t…

Rona’s Restaurant Akaroa

April 29th, 2019

Rona's Restaurant Review - Jax Hamilton Cooks

  They say in fairy tales that magic is found over the hills and far away, which is exactly what we discovered, in the little township of Akaroa. If you’re hard stepping, you could easily miss Rona’s, a tiny villa, with yellow cladding, rusty canopy and petite door.  Inside however, it has a Tardis-type vibe,…

Good in the ‘Hood : 5th Street

October 24th, 2018

Good in the 'Hood : 5th Street - Jax Hamilton

It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me, that my passion is food, the big astonishment however, if God came down right now and said, ‘ok Jax, choose a passion for the rest of your life’, I would drop food like a hot rock and pick music.  Vinyl, CD’s and of course back…