Odd Shoes? Who me?

People always seem to want to give me shoe advice: “hey you’re wearing odd shoes”….

Red & Black - Jax Hamilton

I do love a good pair of retro trainers – Adidas Day!

… actually, no I’m not. 

I wear the shoes that make me happy and, I have lots of pairs… so.. I just wear what I like, depending on the weather, mood, outfit or scarf holding back my dreads.

Black and White - Jax Hamilton Cooks

On some things, Michael Jackson was spot on!

It doesn’t matter if they’re black or white, if I’m in the garden, 

Odd Shoes! Who Me? - Jax Hamilton Cooks

Hahahaha! My neighbours actually shake their heads in despair!

or going to a meeting. I look down and smile, smile, smile.

Tiger Spot & Nude - Jax Hamilton Cooks

I love, love, love my heels!

The ‘right’ shoe is always the lead for the day.  

When I look down, they make me smile; tell me a lot about other people, instigate the most amazing conversations and ultimately, I dress to impress myself.

Black and Stone Patent - Jax Hamilton Cooks

Sometimes I wear socks…. which literally messes with people’s minds.

White & Black - Jax Hamilton Cooks

But mostly, this combination is my favourite.

Bare Feet - Jax Hamilton Cooks

Not ticklish at all!